Deebo What Bike? (Question)

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  • “What Bike?” From the all time classic movie – FRIDAY – featuring Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, and many more, Deebo was the neighborhood bully who stole Red’s bike. When Red confronted him for the bike back, Deebo yelled “What Bike?” He then proceeded to knock out Red and ride off into the sunset on the squeeky bike.

What bike does Deebo have?

Debo: “What bike?” Red: “ The beach cruiser, the one I let you borrow three weeks ago.”

What did Deebo take from Craig?

Soon enough, they get out the house while Stanley was back and Smokey tells Craig about the $200 dollars they both got but Deebo says he’s the one that got about $200 dollars and leaves off with the money.

Who was the little boy on the bike in Friday?

Trivia. Lil’ Chris despite his age is allowed to be out on the streets in broad daylight on a Friday. It could be that he’s playing hooky, was expelled, or rather his school was closed or it’s summer break.

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Did Red get his bike back?

Deebo stated the bike was his while calling Red a punk. After Deebo rides away, Red starts crying as he runs to his car. At the end of the film, Red gets his revenge and punches Deebo (while Deebo is dazed from his fight with Craig) and manages to retrieve his stolen chain and bike.

What happened to Debo from movie Friday?

The actor was found dead in his California home on Thursday after friends and business associates could not reach him, the authorities said. Tommy Lister, a 6-foot-5-inch actor nicknamed Tiny who played the hulking neighborhood bully Deebo in the “Friday” films, has died at his home in Marina del Rey, Calif.

Who is Deebo brother?

Willie returns to the neighborhood while unknowingly hauling Deebo and his brother Tyrone in his truck, both having been tracking Craig down after they escaped from prison so Deebo could have revenge.

Did Craig steal boxes?

In the film, Ice Cube’s character, Craig Jones is fired for stealing cardboard boxes at work on his day off after an alleged camera caught him doing so.

Who hit Debo with a brick?

Ice Cube’s character, Craig, ends up standing up to Deebo and a fight ensues. Craig uses a brick to hit Deebo in the head, which is the turning point in the fight, eventually ending with Deebo knocked out.

How much money did Smokey owe big worm?

In the film, Smokey owes him $200 for marijuana he sold to Smokey.

Did Terry Crews play Debo?

Damon Pearly (played by Terry Crews) is a minor antagonist of the third movie, Friday After Next. He appears to be the replacement for Deebo who didn’t appear as Damon is also muscular and an antagonist for Craig.

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How old is Craig Friday?

22 years old. YOU got a choice.

What kind of bike did Pee Wee Herman Drive?

In the case of this movie, the object of that desire is, of course, an immaculately restored, cherry-red 1947 Schwinn racing bike. The eccentric is Paul Reubens himself.

Why is DeMar called deebo?

“Deebo” was the nickname DeMar picked up from the tall character in the 1995 Ice Cube movie, “Friday.” “They said, ‘Look, Mr. D., DeMar’s not in no gangs,’ ” Frank DeRozan recalled. ” ‘He’s not getting involved with this crazy stuff that we’re doing. Nobody will mess with him.

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