How Much Is A Razor Dirt Bike? (Best solution)

Razor Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Off-Road Bike – SX350, SX500, MX350, MX650 Models

List Price: $379.99 Details
Price: $287.99
You Save: $92.00 (24%)
  • The starting price for the Razor Wide Open lineup is 23,499$ US dollars, whereas the maximum price is around 26,499$ US dollars. Special edition The special edition is for those who love to take the challenge on the challenging on the most challenging terrain.

How much money are razor dirt bikes?

New (5) from $471.22 & FREE Shipping. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content.

How fast does a razor dirt bike go?

The Razor Dirt Bike MX650 has a top speed of 17 mph with up to 40 minutes of continuous use or range of 10 miles with a full charge.

How fast does the MX650 razor go?

The MX650 can travel up to 10 miles on a single charge and hold a rider up to 220 pounds. With all of that and speeds up to 17 miles per hour, the MX650 leaves similar bikes in its dust!

Can a 14 year old drive a dirt bike?

A heavy 14-year-old beginner rider can ride faster if they’re on a smaller bike, but it can be problematic since their weight can affect the suspension. Such bikes would have enough suspension that allows kids to ride comfortably on any dirt road.

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Are Razor dirt bikes street legal?

Where Can I Ride My Dirt Bike? And maybe the biggest point here: Dirt bikes—other than dual-sport bikes— are not legal on the roads. Don’t ride your dirt bike down your street or on your sidewalk or in an alley or through a parking lot.

Are Razor dirt bikes safe?

Razor dirt bikes are an excellent choice for your kids because they are cheaper, safe and easy to operate. In addition, these bikes come in different sizes to suit different ages among youngsters.

How fast is a 24V dirt bike?

With a high-torque, powerful 350-Watt electric motor, large 12-inch pneumatic knobby tires for maximum power transfer, speeds up to 14 miles per hour, and up to 30 minutes of continuous use (up to 10 miles on a single charge), you’ll be the king of the dirt hill.

What is the most expensive dirt bike?

Top 10 Most Expensive Dirt Bikes in the World

  1. American muscle: Harley Davidson MT500 – $26,500.
  2. Scandi design special: Cake KALK – $17,500.
  3. Alta Redshift MXR – $14,000.
  4. 2018 Honda CRF450R Dave Thorpe Replica – $13,000.
  5. Husqvarna FC 450 – $10,000.
  6. KTM 125 SX Dirtbike – $7,899.
  7. YAMAHA YZ125 – $6,999.
  8. HUSQVARNA TC85 – $6,199.

How fast does a 12 volt dirt bike go?

At maximum speed, Razor dirt bikes go anywhere between 12 and 22 miles per hour.

How can I make my razor MX500 faster?

The following sprockets could be installed on the MX500 or MX650 to increase the gear ratio for a faster top speed:

  1. SPR-2513C 13 tooth motor sprocket. ( with 2500 RPM motor speed will increase from 15 to 18 MPH)
  2. SPR-2513C 13 tooth motor sprocket. (
  3. SPR-2565S 65 tooth wheel sprocket. (
  4. SPR-2555 55 tooth wheel sprocket. (
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What is the fastest electric dirt bike?

What is the fastest electric dirt bike? The Zero FX can reach a top speed of up to 85 mph, making it one of the fastest electric dirt bikes.

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