How To Adjust Shimano Gears On A Mountain Bike? (Question)

How do you adjust gears on a mountain bike?

  • For starters, there are primarily four to five levels involved in adjusting the gears of your beloved mountain bike. Here’s how to adjust Shimano gears on a mountain bike with brief descriptions below – The first thing we need to do is to adjust the derailleur into a small cog.

Can you adjust Shimano shifter?

As per Shimano shifters, let the brake off before making changes and remember to adjust the cable tension when you’ve finished. You must always start by adjusting the shift lever reach. You’ll find the adjustment bolt on the inside of the shifter paddle. You need to use a 2.5mm Allen key to adjust this one.

How do you use gears on a bike for beginners?

Get to grips with shifting your bike gears with these super quick beginner tips.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect.
  2. Right = Rear, Left = Front.
  3. Don’t cross the chain!
  4. Anticipate the hill.
  5. Left = big changes, Right = fine tuning.
  6. Don’t shift too quickly.

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