How To Adjust Suspension On Mountain Bike? (Best solution)

What is the dirt bike suspension?

  • Dirt bike suspension varies in design depending on model and vintage. However, the basic idea of suspension remains constant in that there is a set of forks up front and a shock (or shocks) at the rear. The function of the suspension is to absorb bumps and impacts and to keep the wheels tracking against the ground properly.

How do I adjust the shocks on my mountain bike?

Setting your rear shock sag

  1. Bounce firmly up and down to charge the negative spring and free up the travel.
  2. Assume your normal seated position and after allowing the bike to settle for at least 5 seconds have your assistant push the rubber O-ring on the shock stanchion up (or down) to the rubber wiper seal.

What is preload on mountain bike suspension?

The preload refers to the amount of sag the shock will allow when the bike is at rest with the rider’s weight bearing down on it. Determining the correct preload is important because if it’s too high, it takes more energy to move the shock and compress the springs, resulting in a harder and desensitized shock system.

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