How To Install Wahoo Speed Sensor On Spin Bike? (Solution)

How do I connect my Wahoo speed sensor to my bike?

  • How to Pair your Wahoo SPEED Sensor to the Wahoo Fitness app (Android): Download the Wahoo Fitness app from the Google Play Store. Open the Wahoo Fitness app. Make sure you have Bluetooth turned on. Activate the Wahoo SPEED by shaking it for a few seconds or if attached to your bike, spin the wheel a few times.

Can you attach Wahoo speed sensor to spin bike?

You can use the Wahoo sensors along with the Peloton App with almost any spin bike.

Where does the wahoo cadence sensor go on a spin bike?

The RPM Cadence Sensor is designed to mount on the inside of the non-drive side crank arm. Placing it on the outside of your crank arm can cause interference by scraping against your shoe. Likewise, installing the RPM on your drive side crank arm may rub and cause interference with your drivetrain.

Where does speed sensor go on bike?

Place and hold the speed sensor on top of the wheel hub. on the sensor. The sensor may be tilted when installed on an asymmetrical hub.

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Can Wahoo speed sensor measure cadence?

Accurate Cadence Data Track and capture real time cycling speed data on your iPhone, Android or Bike Computer.

Does Wahoo work with peloton app?

The Peloton App should work with any Bluetooth-enabled cadence sensor. Some known devices that work on Peloton App for iOS are: Wahoo RPM Cadence. Wahoo TICKR X.

Why is my Wahoo speed sensor not working?

Turn off your phone. While it powers down, reset your sensor by removing the battery and reinserting it upside down for 10 seconds. Then reinsert the battery in the correct orientation and power your phone back on. Turn on Bluetooth again via the iOS Settings menu and open the Wahoo app.

How do you change a speed sensor on a Wahoo?


  1. Insert a flat-head screwdriver, coin, or other tool in the slot located on the side of the Wahoo RPM Speed to twist and pop off the top cover.
  2. Remove the battery and replace it with another CR2032 coin cell battery.
  3. Place the lid back on the Wahoo RPM SPEED.

How do you open the speed sensor on a Wahoo?

Insert a coin, screwdriver, or other tool in the indention on the side of the RPM Speed sensor to pry off the top face plate. Remove the battery and replace it with another CR2032 coin cell battery. Place the lid back on the Wahoo SPEED.

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