How To Measure Bike Axle Size? (TOP 5 Tips)

For a front thru-axle, this is measured from the inside to inside of your fork. For a rear thru-axle, this is measured from the inside to inside of your frame at the drop-outs. The O.L.D. measurement is listed for many thru-axles, but isn’t necessary if you know the overall length.

How do you measure a trailer axle?

  • How to Measure a Trailer Axle. Hub Face The measurement from the face of one hub to the face of the other. (The face is where the wheel sits against the hub.) Spring Center The measurement from the center of one spring pad to center of the other. (Generally adding 2” to the Spring Center measurement can determine the Frame Width.)

How do I know what size axle I need for my bike?

Measure the straight length of your axle shaft. Do not include the axle head or tapered spacer, if there is one. Axle length is not the same as hub length. A bike with a 12×142 hub standard will have a significantly longer axle since it will have to go through the frame on both sides of the 142mm wide hub.

What size is a standard bike axle?

At the front, road bike thru-axles are now pretty much standardised at 100mm long by 12mm wide (although some early thru-axle road bikes had 15mm diameter thru-axles). Rear thru-axles usually measure 142mm long and have a 12mm diameter, but you used to be able to find a few bikes with 135mm thru-axles.

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Are all bike axles the same?

But things like dropout design, thread pitch and the overall length of the axle differ between makes, even with the same axle spacing, so thru-axles are not always cross-compatible between brands.

What axle do I have?

Stamped Number on the Axle To figure out exactly what axle you have, you can look for the Dana stamped bill of materials number. This stamped number can usually be found on the righthand side or on the longer axletube on the same side of the tube as the differential cover, facing the rear of the truck.

What is axle diameter?

There is also often a sticker or a tag on your trailer axle that tells you the weight capacity of your axle which can also help determine size. Some common axle sizes are: Round, 1-3/4 inch diameter = 2,000-lb axle. Round, 2-3/8 inch diameter = 3,500-lb or 4,400-lb axle. Round, 3 inch diameter = 5,200-lb to 7,000-lb

How do you measure a rear bike hub?

Figure out the distance between the lock nuts (where the hub sits in the dropouts) – 100 or 110 mm is typical for the front. Most rear wheels are 126, 130, 135, or 142mm (for thru-axles). This is commonly referred to as the OLD (over locknut dimension). Take that number and divide by 2.

How do you measure a Ford 8.8 axle?

You need to put a straight edge on the end of the axle and hold the tape measure to be parallel to the axle centerline. The end of the tape in your 2nd photo will measure to the straight edge. When you do this, you will get 30.41″, which is the OEM length for a 5-lug Lincoln/SVO Mustang axle.

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How do you measure a hub width on a bike?

If you are unsure of your frame spacing or have an older bicycle, measure the hub width to ensure a proper fit. To do this, remove the rear wheel and use a pair of calipers or a ruler to measure the distance between the inner surfaces of the dropouts.

Is my bike through axle?

Your bike has a thru axle if the “drop out” is a hole, rather than a U-shaped dropout. This provides added security because even if the lever on the end of the thru axle flips open, it is still threaded into the frame, holding your wheel on. If you have a 12mm threaded piece, then you have a thru axle.

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