How To Measure Road Bike Handlebars? (Question)

Sizing Road Bike Handlebars

  1. Reach. The distance from the center of the handlebar at the stem to the bend (where brake hoods are mounted).
  2. Width. The useable width of the bar, as measured from the center of the drops.
  3. Drop.

How wide should my MTB handlebars be?

  • If you’re over 6 foot 3 you could be bordering on the stock handlebars not being long enough. The standard length for most MTB handlebars is usually between 760 to 820mm. Using the Lee McCormack formula, that 6’3″ guy you would want to find handlebars in the 840mm width area.

How do you measure road bike handlebar width?

But what is the right handlebar width? The standard fitting advice is to get a handlebar as wide as the measurement between your AC joints. Those are the bumps atop your shoulders where the collarbone attaches just inboard of your deltoid muscle. But many riders prefer a handlebar slightly wider than their shoulders.

How does Zipp measure handlebar width?

Zipp handlebar widths are measured from the center to center at the ‘brake perch’ part of the bar, NOT at the ‘bar end’ part of the bar.

What size are stock Road Glide handlebars?

This 1.25″ diameter bar features an optimized ergonomic design for taller and long-limbed riders. This 1.25″ diameter bar features an optimized ergonomic design for taller and long-limbed riders. Fits ’15-later FLTRX, FLTRXS and FLTRU models.

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What is standard handlebar diameter?

The most common diameter is 31.8mm, but older bars can be 25.4mm and there’s even an oversize 35mm standard being introduced by Race Face that promises even greater strength and stiffness.

What are road bike handlebars called?

Although many shapes of bike handlebars exist today, the term “road bike”, at least in the US, refers to bikes with drop bars –sometimes even called road bars. Today’s drop bars are usually fully taped, with additional grips around the brake attachments, so you can use them five different ways.

How do you measure shoulder width?

Instruct your friend to place the end of the measuring tape at the place where your shoulder meets the top of your arm, or, the boniest part of your shoulder. From there, holding the tape taut, they should stretch the tape straight across to the tip of your other shoulder blade. The measurement is your shoulder width.

How do you measure rise on handlebars?

Rise: Your bars’ rise is measured from the knurled area in the centre of the bottom part of your bars (where the bars clamp into the stem) up to the highest part of the bar ends.

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