How To Measure Your Head For A Bike Helmet? (Correct answer)

To find your head circumference, wrap a flexible tape measure around the largest portion of your head—about one inch above your eyebrows. Or, wrap a string around your head, then measure the length of string with a yardstick.

What size bike helmet do I Need?

  • One size fits all for women — 19.75 to 22.5 inches. It is advisable that you choose a size that is within the range of your measurement. If you head measurement is 24 inches, you will need a bike helmet in Large size.

How do you measure your head properly?

To ensure you measure the circumference of your head correctly, the tape measure needs to be over the middle of your forehead, just above your ears and sit midway at the back of your head. Do not pull the tape too tightly unless you want your hat to be as tight.

How can I measure my head without measuring?

Translate this number into a hat size. Reference a size chart to determine your hat size based on your measurement. Here are some guidelines: 21.125–21.5 inches (53.66–54.61 cm) = Small or sizes 6 ¾ – 6 ⅞. 21.875–22.25 inches (55.56–56.52 cm) = Medium or sizes 7 – 7 ⅛.

How do you know if a bike helmet fits?

A good-fitting helmet should be snug but not annoyingly tight. It should sit level on your head (not tilted back) with the front edge one inch or less above your eyebrows so that your forehead is protected. Push the helmet from side to side and back to front.

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Do bike helmets have sizes?

Getting the right size helmet is vital for safety and comfort before getting on your bike for a ride. Helmets come in small, medium, large and X-large sizes and correspond in CM (Centimeters).

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