How To Put Pin Back In Bike Chain? (Perfect answer)

How do you put a pin back into a chain?

  • Place the inner part on the outside of one of the open ends, so the inner part of the chain is now acting as a guide to hold the pin in place against the outer part. Lay it on the ground and smack it with a hammer until the end of the pin goes back into the outer piece. Lift the inner end of the chain off the pin.

How do you put a pin on a chain?

Pull the link apart just enough to set the pin from the inside. Make sure one side is straight and tap it in with a hammer. Flip it over and tap the other side in. In an emergency, you could always push out the pin of the next link (not fully, obiously) and reattach it where you removed the first pin.

Can you reuse bike chain pins?

The pin is designed to take the brunt of the abuse, and is made of brittle hardened steel. That’s why you’re able to snap off the little nub after you install it rather than just bending it. Because of this brittle nature, pushing the pin in and out breaks off pieces of the shoulder and renders it not fit for reuse.

Can you put links back in a chain?

Yes, you can add links to a bike chain, but you need to be careful that you have the right tools ( Chain Tool/Master Link Pliers) and correct methods. All bikes should be able to make this shift, and the derailleur should not appear stretched too tight.

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Can you reuse a Shimano chain pin?

You’re supposed to split it at a normal pin and then use the special pin to join it again. Not what you did, the chain will probably fail at the pin you have used.

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