How To Rent A Share Bike In Chicago?

Divvy, the city of Chicago’s official bicycle sharing system To get started, join Divvy as an annual member or purchase a 24-Hour Pass from a Divvy station kiosk or the Transit App. Then locate a nearby bike that is available for usage and obtain a ride code or use a member key to unlock it. While your pass or membership is still valid, you can take as many short rides as you wish.

How does bike share work in Chicago?

  • You may rent a bike from one of the hundreds of stations located across the Chicago region.
  • Check the System Map or the mobile app to see whether there are any bikes available.
  • For fast journeys across town or leisurely rides around the park, bike share is an excellent option.
  • It may be used to get to and from work or school, perform errands, and explore the city.
  • Returning your bike to any of the stations will bring your journey to an end.

Where can I rent a bike in Chicago for a hike?

A selection of bike rentals are available at Bobby’s Bike Hike, which is conveniently positioned smack in the midst of Chicago’s Lakefront Bike Path. Traditional bike rentals as well as electric bike rentals are available. Comfort bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, tandem bicycles, child bicycles, and riding accessories are among the several types of bicycles available.

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How much does Divvy bike share cost in Chicago?

While DIVVY Bike Share provides a $10 day pass for tourists visiting Chicago, this only entitles you to free 30-minute rides for the duration of the day. The problem is that if you exceed the 30-minute free trial time, the price increases significantly. Bobby’s Bike Hike provides bike rentals for two hours, four hours, a full day, and even monthly bike rentals for a fee of $25.

Why Choose Chicago for bicycling?

  • Because of its flat topography, miles of bike routes, and interconnected neighborhoods, parks, and attractions, Chicago is consistently ranked as the country’s greatest city for biking year after year.
  • Located in the middle of Chicago’s 20-mile Lakefront Bike Trail, we provide free locks, helmets, and guides to those who come by bike.
  • The rates quoted on the website include a 10 percent discount.

How much does it cost to rent a bike in Chicago?


Company $ for 2 hour rental Notes
Bobby’s Bike Hike $20 Our pick
Bike and Roll $26 2 locations provides flexibility
Divvy Bikeshare $10 (24 hours) Must dock every 30 minutes

Does Chicago have a bike share program?

Discover Chicago in a completely different light. Divvy is Chicago’s bike sharing system, which has hundreds of stations and thousands of bicycles spread around the city and surrounding suburbs. It’s a fun, reasonably priced, and convenient way to move around the city.

How do Divvy bikes charge?

Our Day Pass, which costs $15, entitles you to an unlimited number of 3-hour rides over the course of a 24-hour period. If you leave a classic bike out for more than 3 hours at a time, you will be charged $0.15 for every additional 30 minutes on a classic bike and $0.20 for each additional 30 minutes on an electric bike.

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What are the rental bikes in Chicago called?

Divvy is the city of Chicago’s bike sharing system, which has 580 stations and 5,800 bikes spread around the city. It’s a fun, reasonably priced, and convenient way to move around the city. You may sign up for an annual membership or purchase a one-time pass at any of our stations or through the Divvy Bikes App.

Is it illegal to ride a bike without a helmet in Chicago?

Is it true that Illinois has helmet laws? No, there are no helmet laws in effect in the state of Illinois. Individual towns have the authority to mandate some users to wear protective helmets. For example, in Chicago, all messengers and delivery bikes are required to wear helmets at all times.

Is Chicago bike friendly?

In one sense, Chicago is a biker’s paradise, thanks to the city’s mostly flat topography. It also features almost 250 miles of bike lanes, routes, and trails, which are accessible by bicycle. Of these, 18.5 miles are protected by barriers to keep cyclists safe from automotive traffic, while another 67 miles are marked as buffers between bike lanes.

Can you rent multiple Divvy bikes at once?

Choose the number of bicycles you wish to rent – you may purchase tickets for up to four bicycles with a single credit card payment. Insert and withdraw your credit card (you will not be charged at this time – we are only verifying that the card is legitimate with a $1 preauthorization hold) Insert and withdraw your debit card

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How do you unlock Divvy bikes?

To unlock a bike using a key, place your bike key into the slot on the dock next to the bike that is currently accessible. When the light on the dock turns green, the bike is released from the docking station. The bike should be pulled out of the dock by the handlebars, or it should be lifted by the seat, to be released.

What happens if you don’t return Divvy bike?

Customers who rent bikes from Divvy are responsible for the bikes while they are in their possession. According to the user agreement, Divvy has the right to charge the customer’s credit or debit card up to $1,200 if a Divvy bike is not returned within 24 hours.

Why does Divvy charge $25?

In some cases, a $25 dollar fine may be levied for inappropriate parking (such as locking to trees or blocking wheelchair ramps.)

Can you leave a Divvy bike anywhere?

Due to the fact that they can be docked at both special and normal Divvy stations, they can be parked pretty much anyplace as well. They also come with a specific lock, and they may be parked at other sites once the trip is completed for an extra $2 per hour charge.

How fast do Divvy ebikes go?

Since the launch of Divvy bike-pedal-assist share’s electric bikes in summer 2020, there has been a great deal of uncertainty regarding how fast they move. Here are some answers.

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