How To Strap A Dirt Bike Into A Truck? (TOP 5 Tips)

How do you load a dirt bike into a truck?

  • Use a tie-down strap to secure the ramp to a metal attachment point on the truck underneath the tailgate. Tip: Never attach the tie-down strap to a plastic piece! Put your dirt bike into neutral and line it up several feet out from the foot of the ramp.

How many dirt bikes can fit in a truck?

If you drive a small utility truck, the dimensions of the load bed may make it physically impossible to fit 3 dirt bikes in the space. This is nothing more than straight physics, and the most you could probably fit on this size truck is 2 dirt bikes.

How do you load a motorcycle into a truck without a ramp?

The easiest way to get your dirt bike into the back of a truck without a ramp is to find a hill/driveway/grocery store loading dock that you can back your truck up to and then ride your bike onto your make shift ramp and then load it into your truck.

How do I keep my dirt bike from being stolen?

In recent years, these have become some of the better ways to prevent dirt bike theft:

  1. Use a brake lever lock. This clamps your brakes closed and so it makes it difficult to move your dirt bike forward.
  2. Lock the brake discs.
  3. Use a bicycle U-lock.
  4. Buy a dirt bike wheel chock.
  5. Run a shieved chain through the tyres.

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