What Bike Tubes Do You Need?

  1. Inner tube sizes 700 x 20–25mm are often used on classic road cycles with 700c wheels and 20–25mm tyres
  2. 700 x 30mm is used on mountain bikes with 30mm tyres
  3. 700 x 40mm is used on cross bikes.
  4. 600–700 x 25–32mm – suitable for use on road bicycles with 700c wheels and 25–32mm tyres
  5. 70 cm 28 to 37 millimeters – used on road, cyclocross, gravel, and hybrid bicycles equipped with 700c wheels and 28 to 37 millimeter tires

What size bike tube do I Need?

Tubing sizes are quite adaptable in general; for example, a 26 x 1.25 tube may be used on a tire with a 26 x 1.5-inch diameter.

Does my bike have inner tubes?

Unless you’ve changed your bike to be tubeless, the inner tubes on your bike are very definitely still in place. However, with so many different wheel and tyre sizes available, it can be difficult to determine which size is appropriate for your bike.

What are the most common bike tires and tubes?

26-inch and 700c bicycle tires and tubes are the most often used sizes. 700c wheels have a diameter of roughly 29 inches when the tire is mounted on the wheels.

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