Who Won The X Games Snow Bike?

  1. This exhilarating activity, known as SnowBike Cross, has grown in popularity since its introduction to the X-Games in 2002, and many Canadians are now involved in it.
  2. Cody Matechuk earned the gold medal, and he was closely followed by Brock Hoyer, who took home the silver.
  3. In terms of Bike Binderz, the fact that both Cody and Brock ride their snow bikes is really exciting since we have the opportunity to work with them.

X Games Aspen 2020: Morgan Kaliszuk FMX takes home silver in Snow Bike Best Trick competition!

Who won the X Games Snowboarding?

Doug Henry, who is also a member of the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, won his eighth career medal in three X Games disciplines with a victory in the Para Snow BikeCross on the men’s side of the competition. Cody Matechuk continued to build on his already strong career by winning his third consecutive gold medal at the Snow BikeCross. Sildaru had the day off on Sunday.

Who won Winter X Games 2020?

All of the Winter X Games 2020 results, as well as medal winners and best trick highlights are available here. 1st place: Mike Schultz and Daina Shilts, 35.76 seconds 2nd place Danny Davis and Dmitrii Tiufiakov 36.02 3rd place Jack Mitrani and Henry Meece 36.04 4th place Danny Davis and Dmitrii Tiufiakov 36.04

Who won the X Games snowmobile freestyle 2019?

On Friday at the X Games Aspen 2019, you may see Daniel Bodin’s gold-medal winning run in Snowmobile Freestyle. Watch Brett Turcotte’s silver-medal winning performance in Snowmobile Freestyle at the X Games Aspen 2019 on Friday, February 8th, 2019. Watch Justin Hoyer’s bronze-medal winning run in Snowmobile Freestyle at the X Games Aspen 2019 on Friday, February 8.

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Who won the X Games Slopestyle gold medal?

The first ever X Games Slopestyle gold medal was won by Barrett Christy in 1997 at X Games Big Bear, where she also participated in Snowboarder X and Half Pipe. Barrett Christy is considered to be the pioneer of women’s snowboarding.

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