How Do Burley Trailers Attach To Bike?

Burley trailers are fitted with a Steel Hitch, a Tow Bar, and a Tow Bar Mount in the majority of cases (the Travoy and the Coho XC have their own unique hitching systems). This is usually sufficient to safely attach the trailer to your bike in most circumstances. A separate adapter or through axle may be required for some speciality motorcycles.

What kind of trailer does Burley make for a bicycle?

Burley’s single wheel cargo trailer is equipped with a patented Ballz attachment mechanism. Trailers with seat post connections and an optional rear rack mounting system are available. Burley trailers are equipped with a Steel Hitch, which is compatible with the majority of bicycles on the market. It is possible that an adaptor will be required in some circumstances.

Can you put a bike on a trailer with a thru axle?

If you have a quick-release bike like the great majority of users, any trailer will attach without a hitch. However, with the increasing popularity of thru-axles and disc brakes in recent years, it is regrettable that trailer owners must spend upwards of $50 or more only to obtain the appropriate thru-axle adaptor, which is especially true for Burley and Thule trailers.

Do Burley trailers have disc brakes?

According to Burley, standard Burley trailers are equipped with a one-of-a-kind innovative hitching mechanism that allows for more rotation. This system was not initially designed to work with disc brakes that have a 12mm thru-axle, which means that additional attachments may be necessary in some cases.

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