How To Tighten A Bmx Bike Chain? (Solution found)

How to tighten a bicycle chain?

  • Tightening a bicycle chain is easy. Just loosen the axle nuts on the rear wheel. Pull the rear wheel back to that the chain is tight, with a little bit of play in it.

Are BMX chains supposed to be loose?

BMX Chain Tension Therefore, a BMX chain should be tight enough with a small vertical deflection. When there is slack in the bike chain, you could think there is a problem with pedals or the crank area; still, it might just be a loosened chain.

Why is my BMX chain so loose?

Your chain is stretched unevenly. In the first case; if your sprocket is loose on the BB axle then it will inevitably move off centre. You can check the chain tension by wiggling the chain up and down but if the tension is set up OK you should just be able to feel the extra resistance as you move the pedals.

How tight should a chain be?

The chain should be tight enough that it only allows you to move it up and down about half an inch. If there is no slack in the chain then it is too tight. And if there is too much slack then you need to tighten that chain.

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Why is my bike chain tight and loose?

Re: tight then loose Chain Could be: bent crank, over stretched chain, misaligned chain, off center chainwheel, tweaked rear hub, bad freewheel. Most likely is an off center chainwheel: Remove the chain and check how far the chainwheel moves front to back, like you are truing a wheel with a hop in it.

What happens if bike chain is loose?

The major symptoms of a loose chain include chain teeth skipping over the sprockets, uneven transmission of power to the wheel leading to jerky wheel movements, chain lash and the chain slapping the swindle arm, and in the final case, chain coming off the sprocket.

Why does my bike chain slip?

Chain slippage can happen when the chain is stretched or the cassette or chainring cogs are worn. In this case, the chain doesn’t align nicely on the cogs, and so when you pedal hard, the chain can slip. Chain slippage can happen when the chain is stretched or the cassette or chainring cogs are worn.

How do you tighten a bike chain with a derailleur?

To increase tension on the chain of a derailleur, slide the wheel axle toward the rear dropouts making only small adjustments as you go along – you don’t want the chain to become too tight. For each adjustment lower the brake lever and check if you have enough chain tension. 6

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